This book presents an analysis of Sally Potter’s film Orlando with a focus on the themes of gender and identity, being English and love. It evaluates the text as an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando and a postmodern film that uses the experimental technique of gaze.  

The book contains double page commentaries on: 

  • Sally Potter
  • Virginia Woolf’s novel
  • Cultural significance
  • Postmodern film
  • Gaze
  • Orlando’s journey
  • Opening sequence
  • 1600 Death
  • 1610 Love
  • 1650 Poetry
  • 1700 Politics
  • 1750 Society
  • 1850 Sex
  • Birth

There are collaborative questions for each episode and a set of more general  questions for an evaluation of the film’s cultural significance.  

Target audience
The book is suitable for teachers and students of Postmodern film and the issue of gender and identity, and general readers. It is written clearly and makes complex ideas accessible.

ISBN 9780987215581

Orlando - Table of Contents Orlando – Table of Contents (34 KB)
Orlando - Pages 8 and 9 (Postmodern Film) Orlando – Pages 8 and 9 (Postmodern Film) (43 KB)
Orlando - Pages 14 and 15 (Orlando's Journey) Orlando – Pages 14 and 15 (Orlando’s Journey) (91 KB)