Playbuilding deals with the basic aspects of playbuilding and contains double – page information sheets on:

  • What is the play?
  • Elements of Drama
  • Playbuilding
  • Scriptwriting
  • Staging
  • Performance
  • Drama Day

It contains four assessment tasks and quality model scripts as examples of how a dramatic performance can be used as a fresh, imaginative and dynamic way of measuring Assessment of Learning.

The concepts that are explored in these assessment tasks are:

  • Theme (Nature)
  • Point of View (Love)
  • Perspective (lNature)
  • Intertextuality (Cultural World)
  • Genre (Satire and the Media)

Target audience
This resource is suitable for students working in Stages 4 and 5 of the Australian Curriculum. It would also suit Stage 6 students when information about a play as a form is needed, such as in units on Representation.

ISBN 9780987215598

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